Promises and Reflections

Last night, driving home from work I was running through my evening to-do list:

  • Feed the horse
  • Get to Cross Fit
  • Throw dinner in the Insta Pot
  • Eat
  • Dump items into a pile for tomorrow
  • Race back to the barn and ride the horse

My evenings are usually a mixture of frenetic movement and sudden collapse in exhaustion.

I was able to check the first 2 to-dos off the list when I was home, adding ingredients to the Insta Pot for beef stew when I could hear the wind pick up just outside the kitchen window. The sky had darkened, and I could smell the coming rain. I jumped in the car and raced down to the barn to get the horse in his stall before it started to pour.

Heading to the barn I was a little frustrated by the thwarted plans to ride – I can’t make 3 or 4 trips down the hill and still get the to-do list accomplished. But on my drive down I caught sight of the promise. It was faded and not particularly vibrant, but it was there none the less. Every time I see the rainbow memories of my kids flood my mind and how they were taught that the rainbow was a sign of promises remembered.

It’s amazing to me that a rainbow is only light bent at an angle; not tangible but clearly seen. It’s created by light entering a drop of water and reflected off the inside wall of the water molecule. The ray of light then bounces off that wall at an angle which causes the light to scatter in such a way that color is produced in an arc – a bow.  

The beauty of science and promises displayed across a sky.

God gave the world another gift in awe and wonder: You. God’s light and love enters the hearts of men and women and is reflected in an array of colors to a dying hurting world: loving reds, passionate displays of purples, dark hues of blue in bearing the burdens and sorrows of one another. His hope and justice are displayed in bold greens, vibrant yellows and gold through His people to the world on prominent display for all of heaven and earth to witness, to remember; to reflect.

The beauty of God is that He never forgets His promises.

This morning I’m diffusing Cheer © The warm vanilla and licorice tones go well with early morning remembrances, the scent of warm rain just outside my door and a hot cup of coffee.

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